And, then we have been to China

We have collaborated with JobAdvice Management since 1995, so it is a long-term partnership. I myself have known Anni Kohl for 15 years, and I enjoyed collaborating with her.

The tasks are wide-ranging

The tasks have been multifaceted; Anni has continuously helped us fill management positions within sales, logistics, production, and for middle managers and technicians for the past 15 years.

We have even hired a few employees for China together, e.g. a Danish engineer and a new Chinese financial manager.


The right match fast!

In my opinion, Annis' strength is that she thoroughly immerses herself in the job and in the company and quickly finds the right match. One of the most important things for me is that the candidate matches our company's culture and values. The new employees just have to fit in, and Anni is able to find that match in a flash.


A sharp tool - HumanProfile

Anni uses a sharp tool called HumanProfile, which quickly shows the candidates' potential and much more, and which benchmarks the candidates against others in the industry. This is helpful when it comes to finding the perfect match.


From East Jutland in Denmark to China

We have even used this test tool in connection with hiring a new finance manager in China. Anni suggested that our Chinese management had access to the test itself, so that they could gain insight into the candidates through the test, seen through local eyes.

"In conclusion, I can only say that the best proof of the fact that I enjoyed this collaboration is that I have successfully recommended Anni Kohl and JobAdvice Management to several other companies which are still working with Anni Kohl"


AVK GUMMI manufactures high-quality rubber components for demanding purposes within drinking water, food, healthcare, medicine and industry worldwide.

The company has the world's most modern and high-tech mixing plant and has over 17,000 m2 in Denmark and also has a production and sales company in China.

AVK GUMMI employs 150 employees in Denmark and 70 employees in China.