I do not want others

Director Martin Lauridsen, bulk goods company ATR Landhandel DK. What characterises Anni is that she immerses herself in the company she works for and maintains her professionalism.

Professional approach

At one point in 2002, Anni tried to headhunt me for ATR. After all, Anni has an approach to things that is very professional and does not compromise on this. So even though we knew each other well, it was a rigorous process.

At first I said no thanks, but after telling her about my thoughts about a concept in Denmark for ATR, Anni came back and said: “You have to take that job here, your ideas and your concept are right for ATR – and for yourself”. Of course, I then had to surrender.


Do not want any other recruiters

We have since used Anni for a number of tasks under ATR's auspices, e.g. employed a number of employees.

It is the same professional approach to things. And Anni Kohl knows ATR very well. It makes things much easier. I don't want anyone but Anni Kohl for new hires, says the director of ATR Landhandel DK, Martin Lauridsen.


A long look back

I know Anni Kohl from my time at KFK. It began with the recruitment of product consultants for KFK. We then developed a new concept together called Farm Management, which we enjoyed very much.


Special feature

What characterises Anni is that she gets involved in the company she works for and maintains her professionalism.


"That match has been to the benefit of both parties since 2002"

"In any case, I have been very happy with the job as director of ATR for almost 22 years"


ATR Landhandel is a totally independent, private and fifth-generation German family-owned wholesale company.

The company employs approx. 700 employees and has a turnover of almost DKK 1 billion Euro, of which 15% in Denmark.

ATR Landhandel established a sales company in Denmark in 2002, and in 2014, the company built a feed factory at Århus Harbour.