Fast, efficient and to the point

Anni Kohl made it all happen remarkably fast. I really appreciated working with her, and we had good contact all through the process.

Urgent seed specialist recruitment

Dutch grass and seed specialists Barenbrug Holland BV needed a new plant manager for a key logistics position in Denmark. It had to be someone with an unusual set of skills – and Barenbrug needed the vacancy filled quickly.


Crucial position requires swift action

Marcel Wolbrink, Barenbrug’s Head of Supply Chain Management, had previously used JobAdvice Management recruitment services and been “very satisfied”, so he called in JobAdvice Management again.

As he explained, “We have no Barenbrug personnel management staff in Denmark, and we do not know the Danish employment market well enough to do it ourselves.” With a vacancy in such a pivotal logistics position, Barenbrug also needed to act quickly.


Knowing the market

According to Marcel Wolbrink, one of the big advantages of working with JobAdvice Management is that it is a company well known for its in-depth experience with top-level international agricultural headhunting and recruitment, and the unique demands associated with decision-maker positions in this field.

JobAdvice Management's familiarity with this specialist market, along with deadline-bending flexibility and quick reaction, enabled Barenbrug to find exactly the kind of person they were after for this pivotal job – and in half the time.


"Her personal touch helped make a big difference"

"Everything was tailored to our particular needs – fast, efficient and right to the point"


The Royal Barenbrug Group is a family-owned international business, based in the Netherlands.

Its core activities are plant breeding, grass seed production and the international marketing of seed for turf and forage grasses and legumes.

Barenbrug has been the world’s leading grass seed business for more than a century.

Barenbrug Danmark

Mads Clausens Vej 21

DK-6360 Tinglev