JobAdvice Management made the difference in a difficult Eastern European market

How did JobAdvice Management secure the recruitment of an agricultural manager for a Danish-owned plant breeding farm in Kaliningrad?

Difficult to find an agricultural manager for 6,000 ha.

I heard about JobAdvice Management and Anni Kohl through two members of our board, and because of JobAdvice Management, we got some good candidates, which we would not have had otherwise. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find agricultural managers for farms in Eastern Europe. There is simply not enough of them. We cannot always be sure to get hold of the right profiles. Therefore, it was a great help for us that Anni Kohl knew the industry and had the opportunity to contact some potential applicants.


The person should want to be abroad for a longer period of time

Considering the difficulties of Danish agriculture, it is really striking that so few Danes want to take such a position. Few people want to be abroad for a long time, and the person we needed was someone who, so to speak, knew the ropes in Eastern Europe.


Need for many different skills

Lack of skills can be fatal in agriculture. In Eastern Europe, professional and managerial skills are often not sufficient. Your task is also challenged by the fact that you must lead via an interpreter, and you must be able to cope in a completely different local environment.


Staying on the farm gave an in-depth insight

Anni visited the farm to gain insight into the company and the Russian situation, and she spent a lot of time with the staff and our director, on whom she did a leadership test so that we could assess future cooperation with the applicants. This enabled her to identify potential candidates and answer questions from applicants in a qualified manner. It is worth quite a lot in a recruitment process like ours, where Anni found two good candidates that we eventually interviewed.


The Danish agricultural company Rus Agro Team A/S runs a plant breeding farm of 6,000 hectares in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania. The farm has Danish operational management and 113 employees, primarily Russians and Ukrainians. The company has 600 dairy cows.