JobAdvice knows our DNA

"Anni's approach to recruitment is highly professional. She is adept at understanding the dynamics of a company like ours," says BARENBRUG, which JobAdvice has assisted in finding a consultant for grass seed production in Denmark and Sweden.

BARENBRUG has been collaborating with JobAdvice on recruitment since 2007 – for example, when BARENBRUG needed to find a new consultant for grass seed production.


The process was characteristic of the way Anni Kohl and JobAdvice work, says Poul Sejersen, Head of Production at BARENBRUG:


"Anni's approach to recruitment is highly professional. She is adept at understanding the dynamics of a company like ours. When we set out visions for the way in which the consultant should be both professionally and personally, and which qualifications the person should have to function in a team like ours, she is good at spotting candidates who fit.


She knows our DNA, and we don't have to sit together for long before she knows exactly the type of person we are looking for."


Bringing strong candidates

After the initial alignment of requirements and the candidate profile, according to Poul Sejersen, JobAdvice has free rein to select from the pool of potential candidates.


"I always feel that she brings strong candidates for what we need. Then, together, we look at the qualities that the selected candidates possess.


Time and again, Anni's assessment of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses holds true in reality."


Must fit into the team

It is valuable knowledge when shaping an employee.


"To me, the most important thing is to find a person who fits into the team. It might be that the person lacks five percent in qualifications in some areas, but as a company, we should be able to provide that.


We succeed as a team, and we fail as a team. I don't need lone wolves; I need colleagues who function well socially. Our consultants work from home, and it's important that we work together."


Good feedback

Another strength of Anni Kohl and JobAdvice is that candidates receive good feedback.


"Anni provides a good conclusion for the rejected candidates, giving them well-founded reasons. They receive some valuable tools that might strengthen their candidacy in other respects."


BARENBRUG is the world's largest privately-owned seed company with activities on all continents and head office in the Netherlands. In Denmark, BARENBRUG is active in the production, cleaning, and sale of grass seeds.