Summer was no obstacle to vital recruitment

JobAdvice Management acted quickly when Gisselfeld Kloster needed a new finance and deputy manager in the summer of 2016

Good experiences with JobAdvice Management

I had worked with Anni previously and it had been beyond all expectations. She understands the company we run and the industry we work in and can thereby more easily find the profile we are looking for. That's why we chose JobAdvice Management to help us again.


Summer is a difficult time of year for recruitment

We needed a new finance and deputy manager, and we succeeded, even though it was a difficult time of year to recruit such a central employee. I first looked at JobAdvice's open database of candidates and found a profile that immediately suited me. Via the database, I quickly contacted the candidate, but it turned out not to be the right match anyway.


Found three qualified candidates during the summer term

Anni then put all her energy into search and advertising, and even though it was in the middle of summer, she found three qualified candidates. They were introduced to us, and from this, our new finance and deputy manager was hired.


Good chemistry and industry insight

It means a lot that there is good chemistry between Anni and me. She understands what I want, and she knows what the industry requires, in the exact segment that we are in. This makes it much easier to arrive at a good result. Good chemistry and great industry insight constitute Anni's and JobAdvice Management's great qualities.


Gisselfeld Kloster is located between Haslev and Næstved and is Denmark's fifth largest estate. Gisselfeld Kloster runs 4,000 hectares of agriculture and forestry and has tourist and event activities with approx. 40,000 guests annually. In addition, Gisselfeld Kloster runs a real estate department with 125 homes, hunting areas and fishing waters for rent. Gisselfeld Kloster employs approx. 30 full-time employees