We benefited from new perspectives on a candidate’s capabilities

With Anni Kohl's assistance, VM Landbrug has acquired a competent production director in a newly created position to further develop the group's extensive production of growing pigs.

VM Landbrug operates a pig farm in collaboration with a large agricultural estate and a biogas plant. The company has been growing consistently since the 1970s and to an extent that a dedicated production director with a full focus on operations and development was required.


New perspectives on skills

"We saw the recruitment of a production director as a natural step in the development of our organisation, preparing us to expand our production, perhaps by adding another sow unit or in some other way," says administrative manager Alex Manstrup Brøndum. For VM Landbrug, it was crucial to be guided in the recruitment process to understand the profile that the company was looking for.


"You may have an idea yourself of what the right profile might be, but Anni helped uncover some other aspects and perspectives on the relevant skills. We benefited from having fresh eyes on the required capabilities of a candidate."


Got a profile that matches – and more

Once the job posting was complete, Anni Kohl worked with it in her network, and after interview rounds with selected candidates, the new production director joined VM Landbrug.


"We definitely have a profile that matches our expectations. The person is a well-functioning part of our organisation today. He comes from a sizable organisation where a strong organisational structure and the right chain of command are crucial, and he clearly contributes with things that we might not necessarily have expected. It is really an advantage in relation to the direction we are heading."


Challenging in a positive way

Alex Manstrup Brøndum describes the collaboration with Anni Kohl and JobAdvice as "very good, constructive, and challenging." "Challenging” in the positive sense, because it has been both interesting and beneficial for us to gain insight into models and other ways of seeing and understanding people. It is definitely an advantage to use JobAdvice for positions with leadership responsibilities in more complex processes."


VM Landbrug is a Danish group with food production in Jutland, Denmark. With its headquarters at Vrejlev Møllegård, the group's significant production of growing pigs takes place at a modern production facility spread across a cluster of 10 satellite farms.