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JobAdvice Management is one of the most experienced and well-respected recruitment and personnel consultancy companies in Scandinavia.

Led by Anni Kohl, JobAdvice Management has become the go-to company for any business operation seeking agricultural, technical and service expertise in, from or for the Danish market.

We’re renowned for our outstanding professionalism and consistent, long-term results. Clients keep coming back.

10 steps to success10 steps to success

JobAdvice Management never cuts corners. Regardless of whether we know a company well or not, we run a targeted and disciplined process based on a solution model that is adapted to the market and the company. Recruitment includes solid consultancy work with good preparatory work and subsequent evaluation and follow-up.

With you all the wayWith you all the way

With her many years of experience, JobAdvice Management CEO Anni Kohl guarantees that your company gets the right women or men for the jobs. Her knowledge, care and people skills characterise all of JobAdvice Management and ensure the right result. All stakeholders - company, applicants and candidates - experience a personal, positive, and committed recruitment process.

And then we measureAnd then we measure

All candidates go through a series of personality tests, which ensures that their skills and human qualities match the company's expectations. JobAdvice Management also often benchmarks the candidate in relation to position type and education, based on the many tests that we carried out. It provides invaluable insight and alignment of expectations before employment.

The partnershipThe partnership

Often the first successful employment through JobAdvice Management results in the partners choosing a long-term collaboration. When JobAdvice Management knows the company's culture and business goals, the understanding of the collaboration becomes much deeper. It is a great honour that partners often recommend business contacts to work with JobAdvice Management.

Personal and professional commitment

"Even the best concepts and strategies will never become reality without the right people on the team"

"For me, it is a great satisfaction to contribute to companies and individuals realizing their visions"


Anni Kohl, CEO and executive consultant

JobAdvice Management services


Recruitment and the perfect match

Recruitment and the perfect match is our main service - with more than 30 years of experience and a hit rate of more than 95%. With our CV bank, where current and motivated candidates are ready for an interesting job change, we are able to find profiles for the perfect match faster.


We do not just test for fun

With valid personality tests, which even benchmark the candidate's qualities and ability to reflect in the chosen position category, the foundation for in-depth job interviews is solidly laid. The well-illustrated results give a clear picture of the candidate's potential and ability.


We know your next key person

Your company can safely hand over the ambassador, recruitment and headhunter role to JobAdvice Management. We carry out the demanding tasks with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Progress and safe communication to selected people provide the management with the skills that it requires.


We offer sparring to boards and management

Anni Kohl makes her expertise available and provides important angles on the link between strategy and reality in relation to achieving the goals through the most important asset: Human Resource. The person makes a difference in any organisation and is the driving force behind results.

JobAdvice Management observes discretion and confidentiality.

We see candidates' potential, understand the quality of their experience and create win-win situations through job matching.

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Customer cases

Kunde case af We benefited from new perspectives on a candidate’s capabilities

We benefited from new perspectives on a candidate’s capabilities

With Anni Kohl's assistance, VM Landbrug has acquired a competent production director in a newly created position to further develop the group's extensive production of growing pigs.

Kunde case af Thorough groundwork was rewarded

Thorough groundwork was rewarded

In the process of selecting a new director for Demstrup Hovedgaard A/S, JobAdvice delved into the company, its owners, and their visions. The extensive groundwork resulted in a large pool of candidates and a successful recruitment.

Kunde case af Despite the discretion, it was a highly professional process

Despite the discretion, it was a highly professional process

This is how JobAdvice assisted Bie's Økoproduktion in finding a turnaround manager to optimise a dairy production and transform it into an attractive, marketable business.

Kunde case af JobAdvice knows our DNA

JobAdvice knows our DNA

"Anni's approach to recruitment is highly professional. She is adept at understanding the dynamics of a company like ours," says BARENBRUG, which JobAdvice has assisted in finding a consultant for grass seed production in Denmark and Sweden.

Kunde case af Fast, efficient and to the point

Fast, efficient and to the point

Anni Kohl made it all happen remarkably fast. I really appreciated working with her, and we had good contact all through the process.

Kunde case af And, then we have been to China

And, then we have been to China

We have collaborated with JobAdvice Management since 1995. So it is a long-term partnership. I myself have known Anni Kohl for 15 years and enjoyed collaborating with her.

Kunde case af The recruitment process was characterised by innovative thinking

The recruitment process was characterised by innovative thinking

Ernst Mittag is the chairman of the board at Denmark's largest nursery, Gartneriet PKM A/S, located on the island of Funen. He shares insights into the appointment of a new CEO, which is typically the most crucial hiring decision in a major company.

Kunde case af JobAdvice Management made the difference in a difficult Eastern European market

JobAdvice Management made the difference in a difficult Eastern European market

How did JobAdvice Management secure the recruitment of an agricultural manager for a Danish-owned plant breeding farm in Kaliningrad?

Kunde case af Summer no obstacle to vital recruitment

Summer no obstacle to vital recruitment

JobAdvice Management acted quickly when Gisselfeld Kloster needed a new finance and deputy manager in the summer of 2016.

Candidates ready for match

Innovative director with top skills in BtB business development, branding and execution in competitive markets

The candidate has a can-do mindset, prefers starting from Denmark, but will enjoy using his experience in conquering new markets and growing a company. Has 16 years of experience from Danish and international organisation, building, management and administration of a department in Denmark. A non-binding meeting can be arranged.

Respected and skilled manager and businessman offers to be Estate Manager in England

The candidate has several years of experience as an independent manager of major, historical agricultural and forestry properties and has achieved quite good results over the years. Has been financially responsible and was responsible for buying and selling as well as development and streamlining with sound personnel management. A meeting can be arranged at JobAdvice Management, Copenhagen

JobAdvice Management today and in the future

JobAdvice Management is currently operated from a historic, beautiful, and protected property, "Nordisk Frøkontor anno 1879," located on Havnegade in Copenhagen, near Nyhavn and Kgs. Nytorv. From here, tasks are handled in Denmark and globally in recruitment collaboration with Danish and international companies. We are a passionate team experiencing increasing interest, and we anticipate that many more companies will benefit from collaborating with JobAdvice Management in the future.

We prioritise individuals and personal data. At JobAdvice Management, dedication and quality are always the point of departure for our services. This also applies to the handling of personal data in the recruitment process and candidate profiles in our CV bank in accordance with data protection regulations.

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